Councilmember Cheryl Davila’s leadership hasn’t gone unnoticed by her constituents and peers. She is proud to have so many wonderful endorsements. Join us in this movement to make Berkeley a leading voice on some of the Bay Area’s most difficult and important issues.

Cheryl is happy to meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Her door is open, virtually, of course. Please contact her at cheryl@cheryldavila.vote to schedule an appointment.

A Message from Cheryl:

“Thank you to all who have shown their confidence in my leadership by endorsing me. I feel it is so important in these tumultuous times to continue my leadership for District 2. As I walk through the district and run into constituents, they often thank me, enthusiastically and with gratitude.  They say they admire and appreciate me for my influential, authentic, principled, and unwavering leadership. I am so blessed, honored, and humbled to be the Councilmember for District 2. THANK YOU for your support!

Endorsements in Alphabetical Order by First Name

* Indicates name of organization only for identification purposes only        + Indicates an Elected Official

Alejandro Soto-Vigil +
Berkeley Commissioner
Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Alex Mabanta
Former Chair,
Peace and Justice Commission, City of Berkeley
“Councilmember Davila is an incredible and fearless champion of the people of Berkeley.”

Alexandra Yurkovsky
Berkeley Resident

Amber Childress
Alameda County Board of Education Trustee

Amos White
Vice-Chair, Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force (CEMTF)

Andrea Henson
Where do we go?*

Andrea Prichett
District 2 Resident, Copwatch*, Former Police Review Commissioner

Andy Shrader
Director of Environmental Affairs, Water Policy & Sustainability, Councilmember Paul Koretz’s Office, City of Los Angeles

Antionette “Toni” Stein
Berkeley Resident

Bobbi Lopez
Founding member of the Latino Democratic Club (SF); Local 21 PAC member: Former SEIU 1021 PAC co-chair; Former Vice-President Harvey Milk Club; OUSD parent

Barbara Brust
Consider the Homeless*

Ben Bartlett +
Berkeley City Councilmember District 3, City of Berkeley

Brian Hofer

Carl Anthony
Architect, Urban & Climate Strategist

Carol Denny
Musician, Cartoonist, Writer

Carol Kennerly +
Former Vice Mayor, City of Berkeley

Cat Brooks
Executive Director, Justice Teams Network*

Christopher Naso
San Francisco, Legislative Assistant
Office of Councilmember Kate Harrison, City of Berkeley

Ms. Chadidja McFall
District 2 Resident

Carol Sanders
Retired Attorney, Berkeley

Cindy Shamban
Berkeley Resident

Corrina Gould
Spokesperson for Confederated Villages of Lisjan/Ohlone

Danny Glover
Actor, Film Director & Political Activist 

Donald Lacy
Prominent actor, broadcaster, activist, stand up comic, play writer and Founder of Love Life Foundation*

Elzy Arnold
Los Angeles

Eduardo Martinez +
Councilmember, City of Richmond

Miss Elizabeth Lockwood
Berkeley Resident

Elliott & Linda Harper
Berkeley Residents

Fania Davis
JD, PhD, Former Founding Director, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)*

Geoff Ellsworth +
Mayor, City of St. Helena

George Lippman
Vice Chair, City of Berkeley Police Review Commisson*

Gus Newport +
Former Mayor, City of Berkeley

Hassan Fouda
Berkeley Resident

Hatem Bazian
Co-Founder and Professor of Islamic Law and Theology at Zaytuna College* & Lecturer at the Departments of Near Eastern and Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies at the University of California at Berkeley

Helen Walsh
Disability Rights Activist

Jacquelyn McCormick
Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office, City of Berkeley*

Jack Lucero Fleck
350 Bay Area*

Jack Kurzweil
Berkeley Resident, Activist

James McFadden
Berkeley Resident, Activist

James Reagan 
Consider the Homeless, Board member*
“Cheryl Davila was the”only” Councilmember to volunteer her time at the shelter, donating an evening meal presented by her and her staff. . . 
For Consider the Homeless, we could depend on her concerns including involvement with our many memorials for the homeless who passed away on our city streets.
She is exactly in the right place at the right time and deserves to be reelected.”

Jane Kim +
Former Supervisor, City of San Francisco City and County

John & Barbara Erickson
Berkeley Residents

Jovanka Beckles +
Former Councilmember, City of Richmond / State Assembly Candidate

JP Massar
Berkeley Resident
“We need strong moral voices on the council.”

Judy Ann Alberti +
Frm. Rent Board Commissioner, Teacher, Legal Sec’y
“We are so thankful to have you be the ‘voice of the Conscience’ of the City Council.”

Kate Harrison +
Councilmember District 4, City of Berkeley

Kelly Hammargren
RN Retired
“Council member Cheryl Davila is the same person after being elected as she was when campaigning. Cheryl possess a solid core of personal integrity. It is this core of being the best, most honest and morally sound person that makes Cheryl consistent in voting for equity, marginalized persons, the climate and the environment. Cheryl brings to the table the difficult issues we must tackle. Cheryl cares about our community and how we can make this a better home for all of us.

Katharine Samway
Oakland Neighbor

Khemya MitRahina
Palm Coast, Educator, Teaching Artist, Performer, Natural Health Consultant, Poet, Griot & Community Innovation Leader for Holistic Change
“Cheryl Davila’s leadership is based from a Holistic Perspective in which [she] generates positive change with Innovation and Compassion. Cheryl loves her city and is constantly striving to make it better for all people. She is devoted and lives a wholesome life, just the same as she wants for the City of Berkeley. If anyone truly cares about people’s rights and justice, it is Cheryl Davila.”

Keith Carson  +
Alameda County Supervisor

Laura Babbitt
Advocate for Equity in Berkeley Schools-Controller

Laurie Winestock
“Cheryl is a RARE BREED! A courageous, honest, and committed voice, that works tirelessly for the people of Berkeley. She has stood firmly for justice in the face of opposing corporate interests, trying time and again to take over our town.”

Linda Franklin
Retired Public Health Manager

Linda Halpern
Berkeley Educator
“Cheryl listens , studies , analyses and represents the underserved and homeless persons. She respects the Ohlone peoples whose land we are on and gives homage to it.”

Linda B. Olivenbaum
Berkeley Resident

Liz Jackson
Senior Staff Attorney, Palestine Legal
“As I marched down MLK with my kids, and the entire city swelling in the streets in defense of black lives, I could feel Cheryl’s leadership all around me. She has carried the work of ending white supremacy is our city when many others were not paying attention, when the political tide was out. Now the tide is IN and we have Cheryl to thank for doing the work to prepare us and lead the dismantling of racism.”

Logan Evasco
San Francisco Neighbor, Founder of Climate Creative, Steering Committee Member Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force

Mansour Id-Deen
President of Berkeley NAACP*

Mae M
Berkeley Resident
“I have watched Councilmember Davila actively listen to the people of Berkeley. She hears our words and takes direct action to make sure we are cared for and supported. I am in full support of her work and reelection. We have been so lucky to have her on the city council for this long and hope for everyone’s sake she remains.

Mari Medonica
Berkeley Resident

Mariko Yamada +
Former State Assembly

Mario Zelaya
Retired Berkeley Resident

Mary Behm-Steinberg + 
Commissioner, Homeless and Human Welfare and Community Action Commissions

Maxwell G. Anderson Jr. +
Former Berkeley City Councilmember District 3

Melanie Bagby +
Councilmember, City of Cloverdale
“Cheryl brings principled action and vision to her fight for climate and social justice. She is not only a conscientious representative for her constituents, she is a leader in working across the region to find solutions we can only design and implement by working together.”

Melvin Willis +
Councilmember, City of Richmond

Mike Cooper
President, The Associated Students of Merritt College
“As a student leader, I am endorsing Councilmember Cheryl Davila for truly countless reasons. She is a true freedom fighter, a champion of truth and justice. She is experienced, well equipped, and strategic in her work. While being down to earth, honest, and one of the most rhetoric-free elected officials I have ever heard. Among those many qualities most precious to me in a leader, is Councilmember Davila’s availability and willingness to connect.”

Rev. Michael Smith
McGee Avenue Baptist Church*

Noah Sochet
Former Chair Peace and Justice Commission, City of Berkeley

Nilang Gor
Berkeley Resident and Founder of Cultivate Empathy for All

Osha Newman

Patricia Reedy
Director, Luna Dance Institute*

Paul Kealoha-Blake
Berkeley Resident, Former Chair, Mental Health Commission
“Cheryl Davila is the leader who goes above and beyond to establish the culture of empathy for fellow human, non-human animals and our environment because our well-being is interdependent.”

Paul Koretz +
Councilmember, City of Los Angeles

Pennie Opal Plant
Co-Founder Idle No More* & Gathering Tribes*

Phil Allen
Landmark Preservation Commissioner*

Phoebe Sorgen
Co-Chair Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Committee, Former Berkeley Commissioner (Peace & Justice/ Disaster & Fire Safety

Rachel Katz
Berkeley Resident

Ms. Richie Smith
South Berkeley Activist

Rochelle Pardue Okimoto +
Councilmember, City of El Cerrito

Ruscal Cayangyang +
Former School Board Member, Vallejo Unified School District

Saida Khan
District 2 Resident

Sally Hindman
Berkeley, Youth Spirit Artworks, Executive Director
“Cheryl’s values and spirit shine forth in everything she does. As someone from the interfaith religious community, I think of her as truly embodying and living out the values we are called to. Cheryl doesn’t just talk the talk, she is walking the walk.”

SEIU 1021
District 2 Resident

Sharon Duggan

Shelia Jordan +
Superintendent of Alameda County Schools Emerita
“Cheryl Davilla is a leader and a voice for justice and equity. She is an active council-member who is out in the district. She listens and represents the needs of the children and families with thoughtfulness and dedication. I am proud to be a supporter of her re-election.”

Steve Martinot

Susan Silber
Director, NorCal Resilience Network
“Cheryl is a hero. She is passionate about environmental and social justice, and a true leader.”

Suzy Rigsby

Tajmal Payne
Berkeley Home Owner

Tarek Fouda
Berkeley Resident

Therese Mughannam-Walrath

Thomas J. Samway
Oakland Neighbor

Thomas Lord
Berkeley Resident

Vivek Hutheesing +
Berkeley Transportation Commissioner

Vivian Zelaya
Berkeley Resident 

Ying Ling +
Former Councilmember, City of Berkeley

Willie Phillips
Former President, West Berkeley Neighborhood Development Corp.

WiRED Wireless Radiation Education & Defense
Berkeley, Organization Co-founder
“WiRED founders and members are very appreciative of Cheryl’s dependable responsiveness to community needs. By far, she has been the most helpful City Council member. She is generally the best prepared (as she studies each packet scrupulously,) the most courageous, and the most innovative. She is not a politician, and there doesn’t seem to have an unethical bone or tendon in her beautiful body. Go, Wired! And GO, Cheryl!”

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