About Cheryl

District 2 Councilmember

Meet Councilmember Cheryl Davila, a leading progressive elected official, District 2’s Councilmember in the City of Berkeley. Cheryl is a 39 year resident of Berkeley who never imagined being an elected official. She simply stepped up to be ”part of the change you want to see made,” by answering the call for regular, ethical people to run for office. 

Cheryl gained national and international attention while serving on the Human Welfare and Community Action Commission, when she called for Berkeley to divest from investments that benefited from Israel’s apartheid state and its oppression of Palestinians. Knowing Berkeley was the first municipality in the U.S. to divest from the South African apartheid state, Cheryl was looking out for humanity in the fall of 2014. 

Since being elected to represent District 2, she has remained a staunch defender of progressive issues on the city council. For example, she has worked tirelessly to find solutions to homelessness by convening a regional task force to evaluate the effectiveness of RVs and tiny homes as immediate housing solutions, while the region works to address housing displacement, unaffordability, and gentrification. 

Cheryl also helped to end the Berkeley Police Department’s participation in Urban Shield, an annual weapons expo and SWAT training event for first responders held in the Bay Area

As a champion for the climate, she authored Berkeley’s Climate Emergency Declaration, which the city council passed unanimously in June 2018. Since Berkeley passed this declaration, an additional 99 cities in the United States and 1,747 governments around the world have passed climate emergency declarations. 

As the only Black woman on the Berkeley City Council, Cheryl has taken a strong stance in support of accountability, ethics, integrity, and equity, and is dedicated to building community through unity and respect. She is proud to have sponsored or cosponsored over 300 pieces of legislation to promote the health and well-being of all Berkeley residents and to safeguard the environment.

Cheryl is a member of the working class, a longtime resident, and a renter in the city of Berkeley. She is a mother of two adult children who attended Berkeley public schools. She has been a resident of District 2 for almost 39 years and has been married for 33 years. Davila has a Business Economics degree from Mills College and received an economics academic award from Omicron Delta Epsilon, an international honor society.

Cheryl's Priorities:

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